Why choose carpet? Carpet will make any room warm and cozy!  It will make the floor a fun place to sit, play or relax.  Carpet can enhance a room with casual simplicity or create a showcase for formal elegance.  The styles, textures and color selections are so vast, you can find carpet to complement any décor.  It is the most affordable and most versatile floor covering for your home.

Why choose carpet from Complete Floorcovering?  We will take the time to help you make an informed decision taking into consideration your budget and the expectations you have for your carpet. We use 8# pad as our standard pad for added value.  But most importantly, we have top notch installers and we guarantee it! When you purchase your carpet from us, it will not only be top quality, it will look that way too!

We carry a great selection of carpet styles from various carpet manufacturers such as Shaw, Anderson-Tuftex, Dreamweaver, Phenix and Unique Carpets Ltd.  We have everything from high contrast pattern nylon carpet to traditional plush carpet and a wool carpet collection as well. We even have a water-proof carpet collection! Most of our carpet will come with a lifetime stain and soil warranty!

If you purchase your carpet from us, you will be happy with your choice for years to come!


Nylon vs Polyester

Nylon is the most durable carpet fiber on the market.  It is essential for high traffic areas and rooms with defined traffic patterns.  Previously, nylon fibers were more prone to staining but advances in the last decade have made nylon fibers very stain resistant.  Most fibers will carry a lifetime warranty on stain resistance.   There are a different types of nylon fibers such as Anso and StainMaster as well as a few generic brands but remember…if it does not say it is nylon then it is NOT a nylon fiber!

Polyester fibers make up another group.  There are many names and brands grouped into this family of synthetic fibers.  Polyesters do have their advantages.  The most noted advantage is price point.  Polyester is a less expensive fiber than nylon so you can get more carpet for your money.