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With Complete FloorCovering, refining your kitchen is probably more affordable than you think!

Solid surface counter tops are more popular than ever before with granite and quartz as the top choices.  They will change an ordinary kitchen into an extraordinary showcase!  Although both are an asset to any home, there are differences in the materials.


Granite counter tops are one of the most durable counter top materials on the market today.  The surface of granite resists scratching, staining and burning better then any of its competition, making it a fantastic asset to any kitchen. Since granite is a natural stone, no two slabs are the same assuring you will have a unique counter top.  

Some will say that granite in not anti-microbial.  It is true the natural voids between the minerals in granite create small spaces. This space, some argue, is where bacteria could potentially be harbored.  But when granite counter tops are initially polished, a factory sealer is applied to the surface. This seals the natural voids in the slab. By wiping your counter tops down with an approved anti-microbial cleaner for natural stone after exposure to food, you will eliminate the threat of lingering bacteria.  It is no different than cleaning ANY preparation surface after exposure to food.

Quartz counter tops give you the peace of mind of a maintenance free counter top with elegance and sophistication! Available in beautiful color combinations, with heavy motion or with soft movement, there is a quartz that will be perfect for your style. We carry quartz by Cambria.  Cambria is the only family-owned, American made company in the quartz surfaces industry.  Cambria is 93% pure, 1st quality natural quartz, one of the hardest minerals on earth.  It offers superior durability and performance even in heavily used areas.  Quartz requires no special cleaners, just wipe down with warm water.  No need to ever seal quartz counter tops. And Cambria is the only quartz that comes with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE!

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